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Facility Guide

Fukuoka Symphony Hall

A fully equipped music hall that produces a rich and beautiful sound

A full-scale shoe-box hall with 2.0 second reverb at capacity. Movable stage with sound reflectors ensure the hall is well suited to anything from world-class full orchestra and chamber music to amateur recitals and performances. The hall is also suitable for non-musical events including academic conferences and lectures.

Facility / Floor Fukuoka Symphony Hall / 1F Floor Map
Hall Type Shoe-Box
Audience Seating/Stage Type Suitable for orchestra, chamber concert and proscenium performances.
Seating Capacity Regular configuration: Fixed seating 1867 (with 4 wheelchair spaces)
1st Floor: 1208 seats, 2nd Floor: 384 seats, 3rd Floor: 275 seats
* Orchestra pit or thrust stage configurations: 1663
* Chamber concert configuration: 1004 (1st Floor only)

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