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Traditional Crafts

Fukuoka Prefecture is home to many different traditional crafts that continue to be made using skills and production methods dating back centuries. While each and every process is performed completely by hand, these elaborate and refined craftworks are more precise than items made by machine, capturing the hearts of those who behold them. Craftworks created based on the resources and customs of Fukuoka include not only traditional works but also a range of new products suited to contemporary lifestyles, and are also popular with overseas tourists as souvenirs of Fukuoka.

Now we will introduce you to 7 Nationally-Designated Craftworks and 35 Prefecturally-Designated Craftworks.

Traditional Crafts designated by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry
This designation is granted by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry to traditional crafts that meet all the criteria set out in the Act on the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries (mainly, traditional crafts used in daily life that are largely made by hand and which employ technologies and techniques that have been in continuous use for a century or more).
7 traditional crafts in Fukuoka Prefecture have received this designation, and their practitioners work tirelessly to maintain a degree of perfection worthy of this prestigious accolade.

Special Works of Art/Craft designated by the Governor of Fukuoka
This designation is granted to traditional crafts produced in Fukuoka Prefecture that embody local life and which meet certain criteria in terms of tradition (such as techniques and skills with a history of half a century or more that are still being used to this day).
To date, 35 types of traditional craft have received this designation, all of which are loved by people not only in Fukuoka but throughout Japan.



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